A former Pennsylvania police officer was big winner on "Jeopardy!" this week, and his impressive run included correctly answering a question about "Fox & Friends."

During Tuesday's broadcast of the long-running game show, contestant Dave Leffler selected the $800 clue in the "Blank News" category.

Host Alex Trebek gave the answer, "With Steve, Ainsley & Brian: 'Fox ____ ____.'"

Leffler buzzed in and correctly gave the clue, "What is '& Friends.'"

Leffler, a retired Allegheny County police officer and Army veteran, went on to win Tuesday's episode, returning Wednesday and completing the hat trick for more than $81,000 in total winnings so far.

Leffler joined the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts Wednesday, revealing that he doesn't watch much television, but he was aware of the long-running morning program.

"It was right on the tip of my tongue. That's why I rang in with the signaling device," Leffler said.

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"One of the things one realizes is when you get there, most of the people around you know most of the answers most of the time. So signaling in first is very important," he added.

Brian Kilmeade revealed that he is friends with one of Leffler's fellow contestants on Tuesday, and she is very familiar with the show, but she was unable to ring in before him on the "Fox & Friends" question.

Leffler said that's not uncommon on "Jeopardy!," noting that on another episode, he was beaten to the punch on a question about Miranda rights.

"Alex Trebek even tweaked me a little bit about that, about getting beat on that one."

Watch more from Leffler above, including the story of getting on "Jeopardy!" and what he plans to do with his winnings.

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