Christian Broadcasting Network anchor David Brody reacted to reports that President Trump is seriously considering former Attorney General Bill Barr to succeed Jeff Sessions and Matthew Whitaker in that same post.

Barr originally served as attorney general in the early 1990s.

President George H.W. Bush nominated him when former Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburgh (R) gave up the post to run for Senate after John Heinz III (R-Pa.) died in a plane crash near Philadelphia.

Brody noted that many Democrats "just got done lauding President 41 -- George H.W. Bush" after he died Friday at the age of 94.

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"All of a sudden, here comes Bill Barr, a guy who worked in [Bush's] administration. How are they going to handle that come confirmation time?" he said.

Brody said it will be interesting to see how Democrats and the media square their week-long praise for the late president with any potential harsh criticism of a man (Barr) so strongly connected to him.

"If [Bush] made the right choice, why isn't Donald Trump making that same right choice?" he wondered.

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