Greg Gutfeld and "The Five" commented on the ongoing Mueller probe, into whether President Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

Jesse Watters said that if the Mueller probe doesn't end with a "definite conclusion" on that matter, Trump will have the right to call it a "witch hunt from the jump."

He added that the average citizen does not tune into news 24/7 but likely has an idea that the media is beating the drum about a "cloud of corruption" around the president. He said that fact can hurt the president electorally.

Gutfeld said that Watters' statement made him think of a timely holiday analogy.

"If Donald Trump were the Christmas tree, look at all the gifts [underneath it]: Peace, prosperity, jobs, GNP... possible peace with North Korea."

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"The media [would be] that loser picketing the nativity scene down by the church," Gutfeld said.

Martha MacCallum said that the man who served as attorney general for the late President George H.W. Bush is being considered by Trump to fill that post full time.

The attorney general is the titular head of the federal special counsel probe into Trump.

MacCallum said Bill Barr, who succeeded former Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburgh (R) to become Bush's second and final attorney general, is favored for the role according to recent reporting.

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