Juan Williams and former Bush adviser Karl Rove sparred over the qualifications of a top potential pick for U.S. Attorney General.

Martha MacCallum reported that former Bush-41 Attorney General William Barr is being heavily considered by President Trump.

Trump is also reportedly looking at former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), and Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.

In a 2017 Fox News interview, Barr said that Mueller could have been "more balanced" in his choice of prosecutors, a majority of which have either ties to Democrats or have made donations to them.

Barr also said James Comey's firing was "understandable" and that he "crossed a basic line" and "transgressed" in his role as FBI director.

Williams said the "problem" with Barr as a pick is the question of "how would he view the Mueller probe." "He's clearly a strong conservative Republican."

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"He thinks that Mueller has too many Democrats on his team," Williams said, noting that Republicans like Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and some members of the Senate do not share that concern.

"Is he just coming in as a stooge for President Trump?" he asked.

Those comments elicited a sharp response from Rove, who demanded that Williams "go back and read" what Barr has said about Mueller and the probe.

Rove noted Barr respects Mueller, who led the FBI's criminal division when the former was AG under Bush.

"Juan exaggerated what Bill Barr said," Rove said, adding that Barr spke in "measured tones" and raised a "legitimate concern."

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