Charles Payne and his panel on "Your World" Wednesday debated President Trump's war of words with the United States Postal Service -- which he has criticized for its cozy relationship with online retailer Amazon.

The Trump administration created a "task force" to investigate how to keep the Postal Service from continually losing billions of dollars annually over the past 12 years, Fox Business Network correspondent Kristina Partsinevelos reported.

The White House laid out several points of interest regarding its crosstown foil, which is headquartered a short distance away at L'Enfant Plaza.

They suggested establishing market-based rates for non-essential mail -- which would exclude things like tax forms and prescriptions -- as well as cutting compensation costs and focusing on burgeoning retirement costs for workers.

Payne said the president called USPS Amazon's "delivery boy" and reported that the agency loses about $1.50 per package shipped from the company.

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"Why don't we sell the postal service to Amazon?" Trump 2020 advisory board member Harlan Z. Hill said, adding that any sale would have to abide by the Constitutional mandate that the government guarantee mail delivery.

"This was not the reason that our founders put the United States Postal Service in the Constitution," he said of the relationship with Amazon -- which is owned by routine Trump foil Jeffrey Bezos.

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