Rush Limbaugh appeared on "Fox News @ Night" Tuesday to blast what he perceives as the media's "phony" praise of George H. W. Bush.

The 41st president of the United States passed away Friday at the age of 94, and there has subsequently been an outpouring of tributes and memorials from many in the media.

After host Shannon Bream noted that the coverage of Bush's legacy has been mostly positive, even "fawning," Limbaugh stated, "They never treated him this way when he was president."

The media was "vicious and partisan" to Bush while he was in office, as they are to every Republican, Limbaugh argued.

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"I think it's just a vehicle for them, Shannon, to be able to contrast what they think Trump is versus the way they're telling us Bush was," Limbaugh said. "The thing is that they never treated George W. Bush this way or George H.W. Bush, either one of them, this way. They had just as much animus for Bush 41 and Bush 43 as they do Trump, for different reasons."

He said the media's objective is to get rid of Trump however they can, and that now includes contrasting Trump with the greatness of Bush 41, which they didn't acknowledge in the past.

"Which by the way, what they're saying about them now is true. All of the class and all the dignity [and] all the sophistication, but they never reported on him this way when he was president," Limbaugh said.

He went on to say that service and compromise were important to Bush, so he did not "fight back" and defend himself when faced with criticism from the media and Democrats.

Limbaugh argued that was one of the things that led to the rise of Trump.

"Republican voters have just been frustrated that candidates they elect don't fight back. And when Republican candidates don't fight back, they're also not defending Republican voters," he said. "So here comes Trump doing what Republican voters have wished Republican candidates would do for 25 or 30 years. And it's really not a mystery why he won."

Watch the "Fox News @ Night" interview above.

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