Mark Steyn joined the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts Wednesday to react to the riots that erupted in France over a proposed increase in energy taxes.

Despite Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announcing a six-month delay in the fuel tax hike, which had been set to begin in January, protesters continued their offensive, insisting they won’t “settle for crumbs.”

Just last week, more than 130 people were injured and 412 arrested in rioting in the French capital. Shops were looted and cars torched in posh neighborhoods around the famed Champs-Elysees. The Arc de Triomphe was sprayed with graffiti and vandalized. Officials say at least four people have been killed as a result of the protests.

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"The big picture message is if you take environmental posturing seriously, it bankrupts your nation and turns the people against you," Steyn said.

He said that wealthy people can afford to pay the equivalent of six or seven U.S. dollars for a gallon of gasoline, but everyday folks in rural France -- where cars and trucks are a necessity -- cannot, hence the "climate change riots."

"You can afford it if you're Leonardo DiCaprio. If you're like a French guy living in the countryside, you have to drive to work, you cannot afford seven bucks a gallon gas just because [French President Emanuel] Macron wants to have a gala dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore and the Prince of Wales. It works at that level. It doesn't work for regular people."

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