Former federal attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova said Wednesday that the memorandum from the Mueller team outlining the case against Gen. Michael Flynn [Ret.] shows the probe into the former national security adviser was a "frame-up... to get Donald Trump."

Tucker Carlson played clips of media analysts opining on the Mueller probe and the memo about allegations against Flynn, regarding whether he had illicit contact with Russia.

Evan McMullin, an Independent presidential candidate in 2016 and former CIA officer, said that the Russians engaged in an "intelligence operation" against the United States and that Flynn acted in an "egregious" manner by helping Trump.

McMullin referred to Trump as "the candidate the Russians were helping."

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said on CNN that he would "send Flynn to jail for life -- he betrayed his country," adding that "he may be pardonable, but he's unforgivable."

"Those two people you just saw are idiots and they don't know what they're talking about," diGenova said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

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DiGenova blasted Peters and McMullin, saying that multiple federal agents said Flynn did not lie, but that Mueller pursued a case against him anyway.

"Everything Flynn did was legal. This was a designed plot to frame Gen. Flynn so they could figure out a way to go after Donald Trump," he said.

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