Snowball fights are back on in a northern Colorado town, thanks to the efforts of 9-year-old Dane Best, who explained Wednesday on "Fox & Friends" why the "outdated law" needed to finally melt away. 

As Fox News reported, Dane learned about the nearly 100-year-old ordinance last year and made it his mission to bring the measure up for a vote before the Severance town council.

Earlier this week, Dane delivered a Powerpoint presentation in support of the resolution and the resulting vote was unanimous to scrap the ban, which was not actually being enforced.

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The mayor then allowed the third-grader to go outside and throw the ceremonial first snowball. He told Steve and Ainsley he is now focused on expanding a separate town ordinance on household pets. 

Doocy asked the bowtie-clad youngster what he wants to be when he grows up. 

"I want to be president, so I can have the whole White House to myself and make more changes," he answered.

Dane said no one in the town could figure out why the ban existed, and "there's no reason you can't throw snowballs in Colorado."

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