Newt Gingrich deemed Robert Mueller's Russia probe a "Trump Destruction Project" Wednesday after the special counsel released a memo stating Gen. Michael Flynn provided "substantial" help to investigators.

In the heavily redacted memo released Tuesday, Mueller's office recommended little or no prison time for Flynn, a retired three-star Army general and President Trump’s former National Security Adviser.

Gingrich said on "Hannity" that Mueller and his team are "throwing the kitchen sink" at anyone associated with the president.

"You basically threaten somebody and say, 'I'm gonna bankrupt you, I'm gonna put your son in jail, I want to charge you with so many different crimes you'll never get out from under it. Now would you like to talk?,'" he said.

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The former House Speaker said that Mueller's tactics don't have anything to do with truth or justice.

"This was one of the most extraordinary efforts to undo the will of the American people by an established bureaucracy and its establishment friends."

Mueller's team said Flynn had met with investigators 19 times and provided "substantial" help to investigators about "several ongoing investigations."

Hannity referenced a piece Wednesday in The Hill, which said that emails between the FBI and Justice Department could provide "damning evidence of FISA abuses."

John Solomon wrote that the email exchanges show the FBI knew there were reliability concerns about the evidence used to support the Steele dossier.

"How can they get away with that abuse of power?" Hannity asked.

Gingrich replied that both entities are "insiders" and that they never thought the emails would come to light because they banked on a Clinton presidential victory in 2016.

"The fact is, this is a clear-cut drama," he said.

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