Tucker Carlson and former DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda clashed on Tuesday over the focus that's being put on the migrant caravan as opposed to rural America.

In his opening monologue Carlson pointed out the health and homelessness issues in America, and data that said 63 percent of non-U.S. citizens are using welfare programs.

He asked Miranda -- who stated immigrants have made America's economy stronger -- why there isn't more of a focus on American citizens in need.

"Nobody seems to pause and ask why can't young Americans afford to get married and have children, afford to buy home and cars, and the elite solution is we'll bring in new people," he said.

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Miranda said U.S. companies and stocks have out-performed the rest of the world, partly because the economy "is renewing itself."

"Why aren't our leaders thinking about how our people can afford to have children?" Carlson replied. "They don't even consider that a subject worth studying."

Miranda argued that in states like Georgia that have implemented anti-immigrant measures, it resulted in rotting crops because not enough people were present to work them.

"I'm not against the immigrants. I just am for Americans and nobody cares about them," Carlson said. "It's like, shut up, you're dying, we're going to replace you. And it's deeply offensive."

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