Rush Limbaugh said the weekend violence in Paris over a planned gas tax hike is a warning for the United States, where the "global climate change political movement" seeks to enact the same policies.

On "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, the hosts noted that the protests - in which more than 130 people were injured and hundreds were arrested - came in response to carbon taxes soon to be levied by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Following the chaotic scenes, Macron reversed course and announced the taxes will be suspended for six months, though the so-called Yellow Vest protest leaders said more must be done to lower taxes and address wealth disparities.

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Responding on his radio show Monday, Limbaugh said "the young whippersnapper" Macron has caused the unrest with his policies, criticizing some media outlets for making it seem as though the protesters are far-left extremists. 

"That’s not who’s protesting," he explained, saying ordinary middle-class citizens are fed up and do not want to pay more for fuel to support the elites' climate change agenda.

"They’re protesting this carbon tax, which is exactly what the worldwide left wants to happen in the United States."

He added that the mainstream media in the United States is not focused on the unrest, because France is seen as a "utopia" and "enlightened."

"And so the French people, they’re supposed to be happy. They’re supposed to be praising Macron. They’re supposed to be hoisting him up and saying, 'What a great guy. He’s saving us from destruction.' They don’t care about any of that. They can’t afford gasoline and they are livid."

Brian Kilmeade said the media constantly emphasizes Trump's approval rating being around 40%, but Macron's approval rating has plummeted to 23%.

Watch the clip above.

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