Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted he is a "gaffe machine" but said he is the "most qualified person in the country" to be president.

"I am a gaffe machine, but my God what a wonderful thing compared to a guy who can’t tell the truth," Biden said at a University of Montana event.

Some of the gaffes Biden has made include referring to then-candidate Barack Obama as "Barack America" during an Illinois campaign stop.

He also was caught on a hot mic calling ObamaCare a "big f---ing deal" and told a disabled veteran to "stand up," not remembering he was disabled.

In 2006, speaking about the increasing immigrant population in Delaware -- which he represented in the U.S. Senate for many years -- he said that "you can't go into a Dunkin Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent."

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"The Five" on Tuesday played another clip of Biden in Danville, Va. on the North Carolina border, where he famously claimed that Republicans will "put you all back in chains" in an apparent reference to slavery.

Jesse Watters said Biden's pitch in an increasingly far-left Democratic party is that he could promise "repair institutions" purportedly destroyed by President Trump.

Watters said his fellow Pennsylvania native has a "terrible voting record" and "terrible [political] instincts."

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