Dana Perino said Tuesday on "The Five" that Democrats need to get past their fellow far-left representatives and "come to the table" with President Trump on immigration reform.

Her remarks come after a video by Border Patrol in Arizona showed two young children being dropped over an 18-foot wall by a "suspected smuggler."

Perino said the situation at the border is "bigger" than just funding for the wall.

"Images like this sear into the minds of people," Perino said. "You see children being dropped that far? It's not ending well for the caravan [migrants]."

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President Trump tweeted on Tuesday that Democrat votes were needed to help fund the border wall, and that it'd pay "for itself in two months."

Lisa Boothe added that the time is now for Trump to push for border security funding, noting the next Congress when Democrats would take control.

Boothe said images of migrants scaling barriers and rushing the border makes a better case for the president for needing enhanced border security.

"I think this all makes the point for the wall," she said.

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