Former Vice President Dan Quayle reflected on his "very strong partnership" with George H.W. Bush Tuesday on The Daily Briefing.

Quayle described the 41st president -- who died last Friday -- as an "outstanding individual" and someone who was easy to work with.

He told Dana Perino that Bush expected him to be prepared after their election victory in 1988 and that he expected loyalty from him as vice president.

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Quayle added that Bush 41's running mate selection process was "quite intense"

He recalled Tuesday that after the former president advised him of his consideration for VP, some of his children thought Bob Dole would be chosen.

Quayle defined his loyalty to Bush as understanding that above everything, the president's agenda takes precedent.

"Sometimes it's difficult for some vice presidents to realize that, that it's not your agenda," he said. "You have to submerge that and to adopt the president's agenda. That's what loyalty means."

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