The University of California, Berkeley student government recently passed a resolution to send financial support to the migrant caravan that has gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Thousands of migrants, mostly from Honduras and Guatemala, have traveled to the border in hopes of entering the U.S. and claiming asylum, with thousands more expected.

The resolution, titled In Support of Central American Refugees in their Pursuit of Asylum, was passed unanimously last week by the The Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC).

It pledges “$1,500 of commercial revenues” to the student organization Central Americans for Empowerment. The group plans to appropriate those funds to the immigration advocacy organization Freedom for Immigrants.

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The funds are intended to aid migrants in their pursuit of asylum by "financially contributing to their legal fees and health services," according to the resolution.

The resolution reads in part:

The United States, fueled by corporate greed, has strategically intervened in Central American politics and warfare; thus strengthening the U.S. economy and further disregarding the livelihood of  the citizens in these countries.

The university released a statement on the resolution:

At the University of California, the student government is legally autonomous and fully independent from the university. As a result, the student government and its members speak only for themselves and do not represent the views of the campus administration one way or the other.

Watch Campus Reform's Lawrence Jones react above.

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