Mark Steyn reacted to news that ticket prices for an evening with Bill and Hillary Clinton last week in Toronto plummeted to about $10 a piece, a far cry from donations that flowed into their foundation over the years.

Tucker Carlson reported that the theater in Canada was 83 percent empty, and that ticket prices had been listed in the hundreds, but dropped sharply when they didn't immediately sell well.

Steyn said the Clintons are a "contrast" to the late President George H.W. Bush, who was lying in state at the Capitol rotunda on a split-screen.

He called Bush a "model of a dignified political life" and praised the late Republican's choice to remain largely out of the spotlight during his successors terms.

The Clintons, Steyn said, were the opposite: "They're on a perpetual hamster wheel."

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He said that it was unbelievable that only a few years ago when Hillary Clinton was still in politics or seeking the presidency that untold amounts of money flowed into the Clinton Foundation.

But, Steyn said, once Hillary lost, that money dried up and the couple decided to embark on a transcontinental speaking tour.

He said that they "raked in big bucks...from Saudi princes and Kazakh oligarchs" but now "can't get people to give them $10."

"And that's ten dollars Canadian [money]," Steyn riffed. "Thanks to [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau, that's like $1.79 American right now."

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