In honor of the late President George Herbert Walker Bush, Sean Hannity replayed an interview he held with the Republican statesman in 2004 -- as Bush's son George was campaigning for reelection against Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.).

Bush 41 blasted the press and the left for personal attacks on his son, saying that it was hurtful to be attacked when he was president from 1989-1993, but that it was "far worse when they go after your son."

"It hurts much more," Bush said.

He and Hannity discussed former Vice President Al Gore going around saying that Bush 43 "betrayed his country" and then-Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) claiming the younger Bush "concocted a war for political gain."

"I've never felt the climate like it is now," Bush said. "If you think I feel strongly about it, talk to Barbara Bush."

Bush said his wife was exponentially more upset with the criticism, including of his younger son, then-Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida.

Bush slammed then-DNC Chairman Terence McAuliffe (D-Va.) for making Jeb "the number one target for the Democrat Party nationally."

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He also blasted filmmaker Michael Moore for films he made targeting the Bushes.

"He's bad," Bush said bluntly. "I don't want to pay one dime to [see the films] -- if some of which might end up in his pocket."

Bush also spoke about the surprise at the 2004 Republican National Convention when longtime Georgia Democrat, Rep. Zell Miller, blasted his own party and spoke highly of the Bushes.

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