Former Vice President Dick Cheney joined Dana Perino on "The Daily Briefing" Monday to remember former President George H.W. Bush, who passed away Friday at age 94.

Cheney, who served as Defense Secretary under Bush 41 and as vice president under his son, said Bush had a way of dealing with people, particularly servicemembers.

"He was a rock star as far as the troops are concerned. They love him, they really appreciated his leadership and it was remarkable to watch," Cheney said, speculating that Bush had such a connection with troops because he was a veteran himself who served in World War II.

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He said that Bush was also a strong, self-assured leader who was not worried about making tough decisions and facing criticism.

"If you're going to serve in those senior positions -- especially as president, but also as Secretary of Defense in wartime -- you've got to recognize you've got to make tough decisions. It's absolutely essential that it be done, somebody has to do it and that's why you're there," Cheney said.

He added that Bush was a tremendous listener and he encouraged robust discussion among his staff.

He noted that he, Bush, Brent Scowcroft and Jim Baker had all been a part of the Ford administration, and they were reunited on Bush's national security team.

"We knew each other, we trusted each other, there were never any leaks, and the president encouraged that kind of give and take in terms of moving to make an important decision."

Earlier on "Fox & Friends," Cheney's daughter, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) paid tribute to Bush, relating the time he wrote her a letter after her father was named George W. Bush's running mate.

"There was ... some criticism of that pick. And just as the criticism in the press was beginning, I received a note from Bush 41 saying that my dad was one of the finest Americans he had ever known and how proud he was that his son had picked my dad to be his vice presidential running mate."

"It's something obviously that I will treasure forever."

Watch the tributes above.

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