On "America's Newsroom," former Vice President Dan Quayle shared his favorite anecdote about former President George H.W. Bush, who died Friday at age 94. 

As the casket of the 41st president is transported from Houston to lie in state at the U.S. Capitol Monday afternoon, Quayle shared a touching story about a gesture from Bush after their election loss in 1992.

Quayle said his three children received a handwritten note a few days after the election from then-President Bush. In the note, Bush told Quayle's daughters how proud he was to serve with their father. 

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"That was so touching and so revealing in a time when he obviously wasn't feeling the best, [he'd] just been defeated. He took time out to console my children. We'll never forget that," he said, adding the gesture will stay with he and wife, Marilyn, "as long as we live."

He said Bush had a "deep caring" for people who were not as fortunate, recalling the president's toughness and focus during his time in office, especially during the Gulf War. 

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume also relayed his favorite story about Bush, which was told to him by Dr. Charles Neblett, a close friend of the Bush family. 

He said the Bushes often watched election returns with the Nebletts, including in 1988 when then-Vice President Bush won the presidency over Michael Dukakis. 

Hume said a motorcade was waiting outside the Nebletts' home to whisk the vice president to his victory celebration, but they had to wait a few extra minutes. 

"His first act was to... help clear the dinner dishes. To me, that is so like him," Hume said, adding the story shows how polite and humble Bush was.

Watch the clips above. 

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