Laura Ingraham ripped New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal on Friday for issuing new guidelines that limit local authorities' cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when dealing with illegal immigrants.

According to, the Immigrant Trust Directive, issued by Grewal on Thursday, is designed to "improve relations between local police and immigrant communities."

"No law-abiding resident of this great state should live in fear that a routine traffic stop by local police will result in his or her deportation from this country," Grewal said.

The rules restrict the state's police officers from stopping, questioning, arresting or detaining anyone based on their suspected immigration status. It prohibits New Jersey officers from participating in ICE raids and also stops ICE from accessing any of the state's law enforcement resources.

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"This basically classifies New Jersey as a sanctuary state," Ingraham said on Friday.

New Jersey's former lieutenant governor and Monmouth County sheriff, Kim Guadagno, said that Grewal's new rules put officers at risk.

"This isn't a question of immigration. This is a question of public safety," she said. "When you put a wedge between federal government and the state government, we know exactly what happens."

In a statement to NBC, Emilio Dabul, the ICE spokesperson for New Jersey, said the agency will see a "likely increase" in ICE arrests after Grewal's announcement.

"New Jersey, it's a shame," Ingraham said. "Shame on you."

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