A retired Marine and Iraq War veteran on Sunday implored the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to fix the issues that led to a benefit payment delay to thousands of veterans.

VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said last Thursday that benefits of the post-9/11 GI Bill would be paid in full to beneficiaries after tens of thousands of claims were awaiting processing because of a glitch in the VA's 50-year-old computer system.

Veteran Dan Caldwell, who is also the executive director for advocacy group Concerned Veterans for America, said on "Fox & Friends" that some veterans are facing heightened financial stress because they don't have the money they earned through their service.

"This really isn't entirely the fault of the current administration," he said. "But it's going to be on them to fix it."

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The VA said in a statement that the Veterans Benefits Administration would retroactively correct any underpayments and "pay monthly housing allowance rates for the Post-9/11 GI Bill."

However, Wilkie said in a statement of his own that beneficiaries would be paid their housing benefits "based on Forever GI Bill rates, not on post-9/11 GI Bill rates."

The GI Bill gives service members and veterans educational assistance. President Trump signed off on the "Forever GI Bill" last year, which boosted the bill's benefits.

Caldwell added on Sunday that the issues show the "deep and systemic" problems that the VA has.

"It's incredibly important that we need to pay attention to how every piece of legislation, after it's passed, is implemented," he said.

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