Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said Friday that it "certainly doesn't look good" for the prospects of those being probed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

He said that President Trump's reported failed deal to build a tower in Russia in the time running up to the 2016 election isn't inherently illegal, but could be seen as "politically foolish."

Wallace added that claims of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen as a "subsidiary figure" are ridiculous, saying that he was Trump's "fixer" for years.

"The fact that he was negotiating for a tower in Moscow is an indication of how important he was in being a fixer for the president of the United States," Wallace said.

Wallace said that when it comes to the Mueller probe, he agreed with Judge Andrew Napolitano who said that there is an "iceberg" of developments yet to be uncovered.

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"Those who know aren't talking and those who talk don't know," Wallace said of continued speculation.

He said that nobody outside of Mueller and Andrew Weissmann's prosecution team know what evidence there is against Trump or others.

Shepard Smith noted that the subject of Mueller will be covered Sunday at 2 PM ET and 7 PM ET on Fox News Channel.

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