A former Trump campaign adviser and longtime Republican consultant said it's "not surprising" that Michael Cohen "would never take a bullet for Donald Trump," after the onetime Trump ally was found guilty of lying to Congress and turned on the president.

The turmoil comes amid claims Trump conducted himself in a corrupt manner in regard to a now-failed bid to build a "Trump Tower" in Moscow in 2016.

Michael Caputo, who worked for several top Republicans including the late 1996 vice presidential nominee Rep. Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.), said that the person on the "other side of the transaction" for the tower "contradicted" Cohen.

Caputo said Russian-American oligarch Felix Sater's recollections clashed with Cohen's regarding the project.

"He's trying to save his skin," Caputo said of Cohen, adding that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is "trying to terrorize people like Cohen, [Paul] Manafort and [Jerry] Corsi" to get them to admit things that aren't true.

He said Manafort -- Trump's former campaign chairman -- and Corsi -- an associate of longtime Trump friend Roger Stone -- aren't willing to say what Mueller wants to hear, but Cohen is.

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"[Mueller's team] is trying to bankrupt you so you'll tell the public the narrative that the special counsel wants to put out there," he said.

Caputo said there was nothing corrupt about the negotiations for the proposed Moscow tower, echoing Trump's comments to reporters on Thursday.

Caputo said he lived in Russia for seven years prior to working on the campaign and "never heard 'word one' about" what Cohen was claiming.

He said the situation sounded like Cohen was "looking for big [real estate] deals to get big commissions" as he said was customary for the attorney.

"The unicorn (the Russian tower) turned into just another horse," he said of why Cohen is purportedly upset.

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