Dana Perino said that the allegations by pornographic actress Stormy Daniels against her counsel, celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, are another example of the "War on Women."

Greg Gutfeld said that Avenatti was "once her defender but now her offender," in the wake of a statement in which Daniels said her attorney sued President Donald Trump for defamation against her wishes, and has not given her "accounting information" from fundraisers set up in her name.

"You know what this is? This is the war on women," Perino said.

"[Daniels] is in a situation, she's asking him 'where is the money' -- and apparently, she could use it. She needs it," Perino said.

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She referenced reports that Daniels racked up large personal security bills.

"Why does she need security?" Perino asked. "So [Avenatti] could get on TV. It's his fault."

Gutfeld said he doesn't believe any female defendant who "ends up in this guy's orbit" winds up better for it.

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