Former Trump administration official Michael Anton said Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has yet to indict anyone on charges related to collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign. 

The former National Security Council spokesman said Michael Cohen's new guilty plea is another example of Mueller pursuing a "process" crime rather than pursuing collusion-related offenses, which was the original goal of the investigation. 

Cohen, President Donald Trump's former lawyer, made a second plea agreement with federal prosecutors in New York, reportedly admitting to lying to Congress in 2017 about a Trump real estate deal in Russia.

The appearance by Cohen in a downtown Manhattan courthouse was unexpected and is the first charge against Cohen related to the Mueller probe.

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Cohen previously pleaded guilty in New York to violating federal campaign finance laws by arranging hush-money payments to women in 2016 “at the direction” of then-candidate Trump.

Anton asked on "America's Newsroom" how long Mueller is going to investigate if he cannot charge anyone after 18 months on a charge related to Trump-Russia collusion. 

"I personally haven't seen any evidence on that original charge. How long is this gonna take?" he asked. 

Anton said it's well known that Russia made "ham-fisted" efforts to interfere in the election, but the "serious question" of collusion by the Trump campaign has yet to be addressed by Mueller.

He said Mueller's team of 30 or so prosecutors, working with a "huge" budget for 18 months, should be able to offer the public some evidence of collusion by now. 

Anton said Mueller appears to be operating with an "unlimited mandate" and no timetable, while widening the scope of the probe.

"The special counsel can bring extraordinary pressure on people who maybe start out as witnesses and then become suspects or targets," he explained. 

Earlier in the show, Judge Andrew Napolitano warned that Cohen's plea is "the tip of the iceberg" in his cooperation with Mueller and the feds.

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