Author and columnist Mark Steyn reacted to former Vice President Al Gore calling President Trump "the face of climate denial" and continuing his crusade to purportedly save the Earth from global warming.

Tucker Carlson said Gore, also a former Tennessee Democratic senator, fashions himself a "doomsday prophet" and added that others, like former Obama-era diplomat-turned-CNN-anchor Jim Sciutto have warned of dire consequences from climate change.

"Climate hectoring was on the verge of a mass movement [around the year 2000], [but] all the climate models turned out to be disastrous," Steyn said.

Steyn said that in 2006, Gore warned that there was 10 years left to save the planet, but noted that it's been three years since that countdown clock ran out.

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He said with that development and a similar expiration of a warning from Prince Charles, people "realized it was a boutique concern."

He said that Gore's Tennessee mansion uses 20 times the amount of "carbon footprint" than the average American home and that he can jet around to climate conferences without guilt -- while the rest of the country is told not to do so.

"It's actually a form of class war," he said. "It's a way for elites to tell people... like Joe Schlub -- you need to give up your washing machine" and launder your clothes on a riverbank in a more primitive fashion.

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