Former Bush administration official Jack Abramoff -- who served time in prison over a lobbying scandal -- reacted to Tucker Carlson's assertion that the law is not equally applied against those on the right and left who are accused of lying to the government.

Abramoff, an Atlantic City, N.J. native who was imprisoned on tax evasion and conspiracy charges in connection to lobbying payments from Native American tribes, agreed with Carlson.

"No, [the law] doesn't seem to be evenly applied," Abramoff said, adding that it is something that "upsets the American people."

Carlson and Abramoff were discussing the topic in light of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleading guilty to lying to Congress about a failed bid to build a "Trump Tower" in Moscow in 2016.

"On the left, there's a series of people who have seemingly committed unbelievable crimes," he said, mentioning the Clinton Foundation -- which to date has not been implicated in any legal infraction.

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Carlson and Abramoff agreed that ex-Obama DNI Jim Clapper lied to Congress about the NSA's spying on Americans, but was never charged and instead was given an CNN contributorship.

"Clapper can break the law... and he gets a TV contract," Carlson said, adding that on the right, "the slowest gazelle gets eaten."

"Instead of being punished or prosecuted or indicted, they're running for Congress like Donna Shalala," Abramoff said.

Shalala, who served as HHS secretary for Bill Clinton and is a Congresswoman-elect in South Florida, presided over the University of Miami during a major scandal involving its athletic department.

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