Roger Stone, a longtime friend of President Trump, blasted Special Counsel Robert Mueller for "pitting" him against right-wing author Jerome Corsi, saying that the two are being placed at odds because they support the president.

Stone, a former top adviser to President Richard Nixon, said he is under scrutiny for a tweet he sent several weeks before Clinton confidant John Podesta's emails were stolen through a phishing attack and released by WikiLeaks.

Hannity recalled that Stone's tweet mentioned that it would soon be "the Podesta's (sic) time in the barrel." Some have accused Stone of having advance knowledge of the release of the emails based on the tweet. 

Stone has said in the past that the apostrophe placement was a typo and told Hannity that he meant the Podesta brothers -- John and Tony -- who he said were dealing with powerful Russian oligarchs tied to Vladimir Putin.

Regarding an email from Corsi that Hannity read aloud that appeared to reference Assange, Stone responded that "[n]owhere does it say John Podesta's emails have been stolen and will be published." 

Stone called Corsi an "excellent investigative reporter" and that the political scientist was simply "speculating" that there would be a document dump by WikiLeaks.

"I think it's despicable that they have tried to pit Jerry Corsi and I -- strong supporters of this president -- against each other," said Stone, formerly a political consultant at the Washington firm Black, Manafort & Stone.

Corsi later told Hannity that the Mueller team is being overly aggressive toward him and has taken issue with his inability to recall an email between him and Stone from two years ago.

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Stone said he "never met or talked to Assange" and that he never conspired to hack or steal any emails -- in response to a question from Hannity.

He said that his longtime support for then-businessman Trump to run for president thrice over the last 30 years is a sticking point for Mueller's team, which he implied was inherently anti-Trump.

Stone said he urged Trump to run in 1988 after Ronald Reagan became term-limited, and again in 2000 -- where Trump had a short-lived Reform Party bid -- and in 2016.

He served as Trump's campaign director in 2000 Reform Party primary against Pat Buchanan, a former adviser to Presidents Ford and Reagan.

Corsi appeared later on the show, explaining why he rejected a plea deal from Mueller's team. 

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