An Oklahoma man fatally shot an intruder who was breaking in to his home on Tuesday, and says he has "no sympathy" for the victim.

Charles Sweeney, of Tulsa, told News on 6 that he did what was needed in order to protect himself.

Sweeney reportedly shot the intruder, identified as Donald Stovall, in the chest with a 9 millimeter pistol.

"It was only about another three or four seconds and he comes into view and 'blam!' Boy, that 9-millimeter is real loud inside the house," he said.

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This isn't the first home invasion Sweeney has dealt with. News on 6 also reported that he shot another intruder in 2013, who survived.

Sweeney said that he felt his life was in danger during Tuesday's incident.

"I shot him and I'll do it again," he said. 'He brought this on himself. I have no sympathy."

Under Oklahoma's "Stand Your Ground" law, deadly force can be used against someone who enters a home unlawfully or by force.

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