Tucker Carlson said a new poll by a Mexican news organization shows that more than half of the nation's citizens have a negative view of the Central American caravan trying to get into the U.S.

Carlson said the convoy of migrants has been "agitating" to cross the U.S. border and therefore has "cast a pall over American politics."

He played video of several Tijuanans who are fed up with the caravan's massive numbers of people coming into their city.

"I'm not really in favor of them coming the way they did," a woman said. "In my 20 years working here, it's like a war zone," a man said.

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Another person told a reporter that the migrant crisis is growing in Baja because "our government is not taking control of these [massive numbers]."

Carlson said El Universal conducted a poll that resulted in 52 percent of Mexicans supporting the idea to block all migrants coming into the country from the south who lack documentation.

He added that the poll showed 70 percent hold a negative view of the caravan.

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