Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said that it'd be "unfair" and "unprofessional" for the special counsel's team to set perjury traps in its Russia probe.

His comments on "America's Newsroom" were in response to claims made on Tuesday by author Jerome Corsi, who on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" addressed accusations by Mueller that he lied under oath.

"To intentionally set a perjury trap is something that I just disagree with," Gonzales said Wednesday, adding that it's something he "wholeheartedly" condemns.

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Gonzales said he has confidence in the Mueller investigation until proven otherwise, and those who are telling the truth to Mueller will "be fine."

"If in fact the objective is to get people to lie, to set perjury traps, I do have a problem with that," he said. 

He also addressed a report by the New York Times, which said the attorney for former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort briefed the president about what his client told federal investigators.

The report said that attorney Kevin Downing "helped contribute to a deteriorating relationship" between Manafort's lawyers and federal prosecutors.

Gonzales said that if President Trump was in fact being briefed, it may "shade" his own answers to Mueller.

"I think the president is very worried about the investigation, and any kind of information his lawyers can get about the status of the investigation ... [is] something that would  be helpful to the president," he said.

Watch more from America's Newsroom above, and watch Corsi's interview with Tucker Carlson below.

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