Tucker Carlson battled a Univision anchor over the contention that the mainstream media intentionally framed the migrant caravan in a false light, leading up to recent clashes with American authorities at the San Ysidro border crossing.

"It's here [the caravan], and the facts on the ground are undeniable. Can we stop lying and admit what is obviously true?" Carlson asked, noting that much of the caravan is made up of adult men.

Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo said Carlson, as well as the media, are "presenting a partial view of the caravan" -- though opposing ones.

"I'm criticizing [the media] for lying in-concert," Carlson said, "As a group reading from the same talking points from the [DNC]."

Acevedo said the caravan is "not a monolithic group" and that only 10 percent allegedly have a criminal background.

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"Just because you don't have a criminal record doesn't mean you have a right of asylum," Carlson said, adding that asylum policies often denote that seekers should stake their claim in the first safe country they encounter -- in this case Mexico.

Acevedo said Mexico is a dangerous place in many precincts, prompting Carlson to ask why in that case the Mexican population writ large doesn't have an automatic claim to asylum in the United States.

The two also debated what other requirements a person should have in order to claim asylum.

"When you abuse our generosity [in America] we become less generous," Carlson said.

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