In her "Angle" commentary, Laura Ingraham called out the "emotional manipulation" conducted by media outlets over the migrant caravan in Mexico.

Specifically, she pointed to a now-viral photo of a woman and two children who appear to be running from tear gas near the Tijuana border.

The shot has been deemed "iconic," but Ingraham said that "the meter on the hyperbole was in full tilt mode" over it.

"Reporters who are either lazy or agenda-driven are using their own toxic agents to blur the eyes of the public on this critical issue," she said.

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Ingraham also pointed to groups that need to be "exposed" for being "prime drivers" of migrant caravans.

She first called out immigrant rights groups like Pueblo sin Fronteras and Centro Sin Fronteras, saying that they have organized caravans for years.

Number two on her list, Ingraham said, are "activist judges."

"Acting like a super-legislature, district court judges continue to frustrate the president's every initiative when it comes to immigration enforcement," she said.

She pointed to Judge Jon S. Tigar, whom President Trump called an "Obama judge" after he halted the president's plan to refuse asylum to illegal immigrants.

Ingraham also noted Judge Mark Goldsmith, who ordered the release of nearly 100 Iraqi nationals incarcerated under the president's travel ban.

"Certain judges have completely abandoned their Article III limits and are totally out of control," she said.

Rounding out the Ingraham's list was Congress itself.

She said that both Democrats and Republicans could have solved the immigration "nightmare" by shoring up asylum loopholes during the Obama administration.

"Republicans must unite and make passing Trump's immigration enforcement agenda a priority," she said. "This is a crisis that must be addressed immediately."

Ingraham said if the GOP does not act before Democrats take control of the House in January, voters will not put them back in power anytime soon. 

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