The panel on "Outnumbered" on Tuesday reacted to Democratic donor backlash against New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Gillibrand is seen as a top contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, but is encountering issues from her prior positioning against at least two top party figures.

Jessica Tarlov said some major donors are threatening they won't back Gillibrand as a nominee after she successfully pressed to have comedian Al Franken resign from his Minnesota U.S. Senate seat amid sexual misconduct accusations.

Tarlov said one donor told her that they were so incensed by Gillibrand's actions that he "left blank" the ballot line for her recent successful reelection against Republican Chele Farley.

"Silencing women for the powerful or for your friends or for convenience is neither acceptable nor just," Gillibrand said in a recent statement on the issue, Kennedy reported.

Dagen McDowell noted that Gillibrand also "threw Bill Clinton under the #MeToo train."

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McDowell noted how Gillibrand successfully made it to the Senate in the first place to succeed then-resigning Sen. Hillary Clinton in part through her support for them.

Gillibrand recently said that Clinton should have resigned during the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the 1990s.

First Daughter Caroline Kennedy was initially considered the top contender for the seat, but then-Gov. David Paterson (D-N.Y.) appointed Gillibrand after the daughter of J.F.K. backed out.

McDowell called Gillibrand an "opportunist" who is "looking out for herself and only herself."

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