Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that an interview Tucker Carlson held with an Iraq War veteran and conservative commentator whose Twitter account was suddenly deactivated due to "rules violations" may have led to the man's feed being reinstated.

Jesse Kelly appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Monday and said his account was deactivated on short notice, adding that he was "given no explanation" and was told he could not appeal the move.

"Which policies? We're not sure," Gutfeld said, adding that "it wasn't for being anti-Semitic, because Louis Farrakhan is still welcome."

Farrakhan, 85, the Bronx, N.Y.-born leader of the Nation of Islam, recently compared Jews to termites on Twitter -- and has said other anti-Semitic things -- but has not been banned.


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By late Tuesday, Kelly's Twitter account was back online.

Gutfeld said that Twitter is a business and can "toss anyone it wants."

But, he asked whether the social media outfit would've "changed their minds if Jesse [Kelly] hadn't appeared on 'Tucker' last night."

"I don't do any of the ugly things some people do [on Twitter]," Kelly told Carlson. "My account vanished like a Hillary Clinton email."

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