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See Tomi Lahren's "First Thoughts" at 9:30am ET each day and don't miss her wildly popular "Final Thoughts," wrapping up the day's news at 6:00pm ET.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano will host a live program at 9:30am ET, while Rob Schmitt and Carley Shimkus wrap up Fox News Channel's must-see moments on "Primetime Highlights," each morning at 7:00am ET.

The afternoon coverage kicks off at noon ET with "Deep Dive," which highlights insightful political commentary from Steve Hilton, Paul Gigot and other top-notch analysts. 

Britt McHenry and Tyrus will bring a fresh take and unfiltered analysis of the headlines on "UN-PC" each day at 6:00pm ET, welcoming a daily guest to the conversation.

At 7:00pm ET, Fox News Radio host and comedian Tom Shillue hosts "Quiz Show," a hilarious trivia game featuring a new group of players each day.

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The deep lineup of weekly and monthly Fox Nation programs features Dana Perino, Brit Hume, Greg Gutfeld, Laura Ingraham & Raymond Arroyo, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Diamond & Silk, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Tucker Carlson, Todd Starnes, David Webb and more.  

Subscribers also enjoy on-demand access to a vast library of features, investigative series and documentaries, including shows like "Borked," "Gregg Jarrett’s: The Russia Hoax," "Hannity’s America: The Clarence Thomas Story," and much more.

Here's the full lineup:

- Borked chronicles the epic 1987 battle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court when Judge Robert Bork’s name entered the dictionary as a verb – meaning “to systematically and savagely defame and vilify your opponent." The special takes viewers inside the brutal fight between conservative Republican President Ronald Reagan and the Democratic senators led by Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden. This story examines that acrimonious process 30 years similar to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s recent journey to the Supreme Court.

- Gregg Jarrett’s: The Russia Hoax will be hosted by Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, author of the New York Times bestselling book “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump,” providing an in-depth analysis of the FBI investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

- Hannity’s America: The Clarence Thomas Story will detail the highly contentious confirmation hearings in 1991 and Thomas' book, “My Grandfather’s Son,” about his own background and the events that brought him to the Supreme Court.

- Hosted by "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade, What Made America Great will reveal the hidden history and ongoing controversies behind some of America’s most iconic locations, including The Alamo, Fraunces Tavern, Fort Jefferson and Mount Rushmore.

- Former Los Angeles detective Mark Fuhrman reveals private thoughts and analysis on criminal cases that have defined America this past half century in The Fuhrman Diaries. From the cases that he was involved in personally, like O.J. Simpson and Martha Moxley, to the cases he has obsessed over for years, such as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Fuhrman shares his personal notes and analysis of the criminal cases that have defined the last half century.

- The First Family features the Trump family beyond the headlines. In the premiere installment of this series, Eric Trump takes us behind the scenes, including an inside look at his office, behind the scenes of business trips and at home with his wife Lara and son Luke. The episode will also feature a sit-down interview with the president’s son speaking with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, offering his perspective on everything from politics to family life.

- The director’s cut, never-before-seen extended version of the docu-series, Scandalous, that previously aired on Fox News Channel, covers the investigations of President Bill Clinton by the Office of Independent Counsel and offers a look at the failed 1980s Whitewater land deal. From the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas to the final determination made by prosecutor Robert Ray on the president’s last day in office, the series documents the political drama that enveloped Washington and captivated the world during the 1990s.

- The director’s cut of a never-before-seen extended version of the docu-series Scandalous: Chappaquiddick will examine the story of the late night accident with Senator Ted Kennedy. What really happened that night in July 1969? Told through the eyes of the people who were there and in a rare interview, the family of the victim who has been all but forgotten in the popular versions of the story.

- Scandalous: The Mysterious Case of Tawana Brawley will take a look into the controversial rape case that inflamed racial tensions at a crucial time in our nation’s history. Civil rights leaders and Brawley’s supporters demanded justice for the teenager, but a grand jury would determine she had fabricated the entire story, damaging innocent lives in the process.

- Scandalous: ABSCAM follows Mel Weinberg and several highly skilled FBI agents as they orchestrate an elaborate undercover sting operation involving a faux Arab sheik, briefcases of cash, hidden cameras, and eventually, six congressmen and one U.S. Senator. The legendary FBI sting known as ABSCAM leads to such shocking revelations and controversy that decades later would inspire the Oscar-nominated film "American Hustle."

- Riddle: The Search for James R. Hoffa is a special about the most famous missing man in America, union boss James Riddle Hoffa who disappeared on July 30, 1975. Hosted by Eric Shawn, RIDDLE is the culmination of an extensive Fox News investigation with new forensic details of the crime scene.

- Helmed by "Fox & Friends Weekend" co-host Pete Hegseth, Ace of Spades: The Hunt for Saddam Hussein will feature interviews with soldiers, military leaders and intelligence officers who tell the story of how American soldiers tracked down and captured former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

- Uncommon Knowledge, hosted by Hoover Institution fellow Peter Robinson, will now be available for Fox Nation subscribers. For more than two decades, the talk show series has brought together fascinating, accomplished guests for thoughtful and informed conversations surrounding their views of the world. Guests have included a host of famous figures, including Dr. Henry Kissinger, Justice Antonin Scalia and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

- Watters' World will include 20+ hours of the best of host Jesse's “Watters World” man-on-the street segments that previously aired on Fox News Channel, providing viewers with a pulse of the nation on everything from politics to pop culture.

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