Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and former 2016 presidential candidate Carly Fiorina weighed in on President Trump's agenda, the midterm elections and current political climate on "America's Newsroom" Tuesday.

Fiorina said Trump has been able to follow through on many of his campaign promises, but his ability to enact his agenda will be hampered if he doesn't build support.

She pointed to the midterm elections, which saw Republicans pick up several seats in the Senate but lose the House to the Democrats.

"Leaders have to built support over time. ... While President Trump's base remains solidly with him, he is not building support, he is not growing support," Fiorina said. "And I think over time, that puts his agenda at risk."

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Host Sandra Smith noted that Fox News Voter Analysis found that 57 percent of suburban women voted for Democratic candidates in the midterm elections while only 38 percent voted for Republicans, asking Fiorina how Trump and the GOP can recapture that demographic.

Fiorina said Republicans have winning policies, but they should promote those policies with less "divisive" and "harsh" language.

"Problems only get solved if you bring people together, instead of dividing people apart. And tone and language can drive people apart or bring people together," Fiorina said. "And in the end, I think, real leadership is about solving problems, not just talking about solving problems, which politicians so often do."

Fiorina responded "heavens, no" when asked by Bill Hemmer if she may challenge for the Republican nomination in 2020. 

Watch the "America's Newsroom" interview above.

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