Tucker Carlson said Monday that two of the Democratic Party's top policy goals in recent times conflict with each other, yet supporters are still trying to sell them to the voting public.

Carlson said one goal is for the "federal government to cover the essentials of life for most people, [including] health care, college, housing, food [and possibly] a guaranteed basic income."

He said that that particular collective goal "conflicts" with the "elimination of meaningful restrictions on immigration."

Carlson said that many Democrats want to give about 10 million illegal immigrants American citizenship and to effectively "open" the southern border.

"A massive social welfare state and millions of new citizens from the third world. Those two goals conflict with each other," he said.

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Carlson said the two goals conflict and therefore cannot be realized together.

"The idea is fatally flawed," he said. "Socialism with open borders is impossible."

"How do you sell a program that can never actually work?" Carlson wondered aloud. "You lie about it."

Carlson also blasted members of the media and Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) for their comments about the caravan at the Mexican border.

Schatz suggested in a now-deleted tweet that the tear gas used by authorities amounted to "chemical weapons" against civilians.

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