A suspected illegal immigrant is facing charges in the hit-and-run death of a sixth-grade teacher on Thanksgiving morning in El Paso, Texas.

Police said Joel Velazquez, 24, ran a red light and struck 28-year-old Amanda Ferguson while she crossed the street around 2:00am local time Thursday. 

Velazquez was reportedly out of jail on bond for a 2017 assault charge and was in the country illegally, according to KFOX14.

KFOX14 reported that Velazquez fled the scene, but then turned himself in to authorities two days later and was placed under an ICE detainer.

Ferguson's father said Monday on Fox & Friends that the country's immigration system needs to be fixed.

"The system is broken," Dan Ferguson said. "If an illegal alien is here in the United States and they're caught on a crime, they need to be held in jail or detained until their trial."

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Ferguson's mother, Cynthia, described her daughter as "an angel" on Monday and said the students she taught meant everything to her.

"She really had no clue about the effect she had on people," she said.

Dan Ferguson asked President Trump, "father to father," to remain focused in fixing the current immigration system.

"Stay vigilant," he asked of the president. "Please help correct the loopholes that allow these guys to come back in to our society and destroy our families."

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