Animal rights group PETA is reportedly asking a village in England to change its name to something more friendly to sheep.

The village of Wool's parish clerk posted to its Facebook page the letter that PETA sent last week, suggesting the village's name be changed to "Vegan Wool."

Many residents responded to the request by noting that their village was named after the old English word for "well," and not the fiber that comes from sheep.

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In its letter, PETA called the potential name change "simple" and also offered to provide residents of "Vegan Wool" with "cruelty-free" blankets.

"Your village can take a stand against this cruelty and remind everyone that it's easy to stay warm and be warm-hearted to sheep," it said.

Wool is located in the county of Dorset, which is in southwest England.

According to The Daily Mail, there are about 2,000 households in the village of Wool.

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