Retired Brigadier Gen. Anthony Tata said Sunday on Fox & Friends that he believes President Trump made the right call to deploy U.S. troops to the Mexican border.

He said that the left has a negative "immediate visceral reaction" to any action taken by the president.

"Liberals today don't understand the history," Tata said. "What President Trump has done is rightfully reinforce the border in the face of an unprecedented threat."

Gen. Tata called the decision to have troops at the border an "unprecedented move" and called a prospective deal between the incoming Mexican government and the U.S. "groundbreaking."

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Mexico's incoming government, though, denied reports of any deal being reached with the White House that would keep asylum-seekers in the country as their asylum claims moved through U.S. immigration courts.

The president tweeted on Sunday that it'd be "very SMART" for Mexico to "stop the Caravans long before they get to our Southern Border."

"If Mexico holds the migrants at the border or further inland from the border, that will be a huge deterrence to people thinking that they're going to be able to step one foot in the country," Tata said.

Hear more from Gen. Tata on Fox & Friends above.

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