The acting deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said Sunday that the agency's work with the Mexican government is critical in resolving the ongoing issues at the border.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Robert Perez said on Fox & Friends that for weeks, CBP has been preparing for caravan members to arrive at U.S. points of entry.

He said that his agency will continue to explore different ways it can work with Mexico to ensure the safety of the United States, Mexican citizens and the migrants themselves.

"Their safety and security is ever-present in our minds as well," he said.

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Perez said his agency has deployed several hundred additional officers and border patrol agents, and has been working with the Department of Defense.

"We expect that it will be a peaceful demonstration, but nevertheless we will remain prepared for any contingency that might present itself," he said.

He added that the manifestation of the current caravan is "absolutely unique" to anything seen in the past.

He also said that his team is prepared to respond to any potential violence that could occur within the caravan.

"We continue to use every tool available to us to get as accurate information ... to know exactly what it is that the migrants are currently planning in and around Tijuana."

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