An attorney representing former NFL players who were injured during their careers said Friday that none of his clients have been paid as part of the concussion settlement reached in 2015.

Patrick Tighe said on Tucker Carlson Tonight that the league settled the case so it wouldn't be "subjected to any discoveries" that would prove it knew of the risk to injury.

The agreement is expected to resolve thousands of concussion lawsuits from former players and will cost the NFL an estimated $1 billion.

"They want to look good but not be good, absolutely," he said of the league.

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The 2015 settlement will cover players for decades and allows the league to avoid a trial about what it knew on the subject of concussions caused by game action.

Tighe said on Friday that the NFL "likes" the national anthem controversy because it puts the public focus on something different.

"It shifts the focus from the trouble with football, which is the causing of these brain injuries and the ruining of men, to rich players kneeling in protest."

He said that anthem issues get the public mad at NFL players, not at the league.

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