Former White House adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka slammed German Chancellor Angela Merkel's remarks on worldwide migration that appeared to be a veiled swipe at President Donald Trump.

Speaking at a speech in Berlin on Wednesday, Merkel defended her country's inclusion in the U.N.'s Global Migration Compact, which regulates the treatment of migrants.

The agreement is expected to be signed next month, but the United States withdrew last year.

Merkel said that people who think that they can solve problems on their own represent "nationalism in its purest form, not patriotism."

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Gorka said Saturday on Fox & Friends that it was "absolutely outrageous" that Merkel appeared to be "lecturing" the U.S.

"It was America's nationalism that saved the world from the Nazis from the Third Reich and the imperialists of [General Hideki] Tojo's Japan," he said.

President Trump labeled himself as a "nationalist" at a rally in Texas last month, saying that he generally cares about America more than the rest of the world.

The agreement calls for the management of migration at "local, national, regional and global levels."

After the United States withdrew from the pact, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Australia and Israel have all said they wouldn't sign the agreement.

"[Merkel] has done more as one political individual to undermine the national sovereignty of the nation states of the EU than any other member," Gorka added.

Watch the interview from Fox & Friends above.

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