Fox News viewers will get a sneak preview of the soon-to-be-launched streaming platform Fox Nation, Sunday night at 8:00pm ET, in a one-hour special on Fox News Channel.

Hosted by Tyrus and Britt McHenry -- the stars of the daily Fox Nation program "UN-PC" -- the Fox Nation Launch Special gives viewers a look at the subscription-based streaming service, which debuts on Tuesday, November 27th.

Find out what "UN-PC" is all about, watch Fox News favorites like Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld and Brian Kilmeade discuss their new Fox Nation shows, and see some of the exclusive merchandise you can get by signing up as a Fox Nation Founding Member.

Don't miss the Fox Nation Launch Special, Sunday night at 8:00pm ET on Fox News Channel!

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Britt McHenry

Fox Nation is a streaming service you can access through your phone, tablet, computer and select TV devices. It is a members-only destination for Fox News' most passionate fans, featuring exclusive content and audio feeds.

See the full slate of Fox Nation daily and weekly short-form programming and the long-form programming lineup of investigative series and documentaries. 

And go to Fox Nation NOW to see how you can sign up as a Founding Member!

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