Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said President Trump must focus on his legislative agenda in the coming days, because it will be much more difficult to do so once the Democrats retake the House in January.

On "Fox & Friends" Friday, Spicer said that Republicans increasing their majority in the Senate means that they can proceed with judicial confirmations, but losing the House may mean Trump's legislative priorities, including criminal justice reform and funding for the border wall, are stalled.

"In the next 11 days, his key priorities only have a shot of getting done, because once the Democrats take over the House, the legislative piece of his agenda is really going to get narrowed," Spicer explained.

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He said it's possible that a split Congress could come to some bipartisan agreement on criminal justice reform, but there's "no shot" at that happening with Trump's long-promised wall, which most Democrats strongly oppose.

"I think any kind of hope for serious funding for a border wall has got to happen in the next few days," Spicer said.

"Because after you lose the House of Representatives, I don’t see Nancy Pelosi doing anything to help him on that front."

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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