This week, "Fox & Friends" has been giving updates on some of the year's best stories of generosity and hope. We heard from the seventh-grader who went viral for placing flags and flowers at the graves of veterans, the boy who wrote an emotional letter to President Trump asking for a kidney transplant for his father and more.

On Friday, Father Jonathan Morris thanked "Fox & Friends" viewers for donating nearly $300,000 for the victims of New York City’s deadliest residential fire in decades.

The terrible December 2017 blaze killed 13 people, including several young children and a U.S. Army soldier, at an apartment building in the Bronx.

Morris -- pastor of Mount Carmel Church, just blocks from the scene of the deadly fire -- appeared on "Fox & Friends" after the tragedy and asked viewers to donate to a GoFundMe campaign to help survivors and victims' families.

"Fox & Friends" viewers rose to the occasion, and Morris' GoFundMe campaign easily surpassed its initial goal of $50,000, so he kept raising the number.

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"We complain sometimes about this digital world. ... But because of this digital world, people in Kansas and California and all over this great country were able to support these people in the Bronx in their moment of need," Morris said.

Morris said that although the road to recovery is a long one and nothing can replace the lives that were lost, all of the 24 families who were displaced by the fire have since found permanent housing.

"In this world that we live in that things seem to be so negative and dark sometimes, this is just one more example that light is stronger than darkness, and people at their core are very good," Morris said. "And we have some amazing viewers out there who have ... changed people's lives for the good this year."

Watch the moving "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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