Former President Barack Obama said Monday that the country's progress is being hindered by "mommy issues" and racism in an apparent reference to President Trump and his supporters.

At the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, he said that some people in America are "still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism [and] mommy issues."

The remark drew laughs from the crowd, with the former president arguing that Americans are not coming together to solve problems. 

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"We have got to get people to figure out how they work together in a cooperative, thoughtful, constructive way," he said, citing broad issues like climate change and education. 

Responding on "America's Newsroom," former Obama adviser Robert Wolf said people must understand who Obama was talking to at the time -- about 500 community organizers and civic leaders.

He said that Obama was urging people to take the "fork in the road" toward "giving back and civic organization" rather than "isolationism or populism."

A Politico story written in May called out "Donald Trump's Mommy Issues," arguing that he "may not have bonded successfully with his mother and that made him the adult—and the politician—that he is."

Obama said the world "badly needs remaking" and people must cooperate. According to the Chicago Tribune, the former president spoke for about an hour with author Dave Eggers, taking numerous questions. 

"You should be extraordinarily impatient about the injustices and nonsense and foolishness you see around you and you should be finding opportunities at every juncture to challenge those things," he said, explaining that people must be patient when it comes to societal changes. 

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blasted Obama on Twitter, likening the statement to when then-Senator Obama insulted "bitter" small-town Americans who "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment" during the 2008 presidential campaign. 

Watch the "Fox & Friends" discussion above. 

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