A California man managed to find the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend in the ashes of his family's home.

Nick Maes was planning to propose to his girlfriend of two years, Shastina Hughes, before the deadly Camp Fire devastated Butte County.

Maes' parents' home in the town of Paradise was completely destroyed, but the 26-year-old did not want to give up on the ring and decided to search through the debris for the safe he had stored it in.

Miraculously, Maes and his father were able to locate the safe and pry it open. Although the sapphire ring was damaged, it will be restored to its former beauty.

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"The ring was that important to me. It was Shastina's dream ring," Maes said. "I had to make a choice to either keep the surprise and start over with another ring or get up there and make sure it was still there. We had reports of people looting, and I just wanted to get to it as soon as possible."

Hughes said she was "shocked" when she saw the story of a man recovering an engagement ring and realized it was Maes, and she believes it's a positive story amid the wildfire devastation.

"It's a moment of light in this dark hour," she said.

Maes said the ring is currently being restored at the jewelry store where he purchased it, and it should be back to "as good as new" in several weeks.

"It is the most important thing to me, especially considering what it's been through and what it means now," he said, adding that the proposal should be happening "very soon."

And will Hughes be saying yes when he pops the question?

"We'll see," she laughed. 

Watch the "Fox & Friends" segment above.

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